Posted by: Ole | October 8, 2008

Tikitagging everything

I just got a Tikitag starter kit. It’s basically a little usb-device that can read RFID tags, and react to them. Right out of the box, it’s able to open webpages and call people on Skype when a tag is near the reader.

I placed my reader on the underneath of my desk, and so I just have an invisible hot-zone on my desk. If I put my wallet down, my online bank opens. If I put my Moleskine there, my Evernote opens up, and a souvenir from a vacation, opens up that album in Flickr.

The idea is brilliant, but I really need more.. I need it to be completely aware of everything I put on my desk, no matter where I put it. I need it to unlock my computer when I throw my keys on the desk, and lock it again when I pick them up again. I need it to open my online bank when I pick up my authentication-device, and log out again when I put it back in it’s place. I need iTunes to start playing when I pick up my headset, and pause again when I put it back down. And that’s just my desk – I need it everywhere I go!

Think about how many things in your day that are tied to your handling of physical objects… We’ve only seen the start of this…

My iTunes now pauses when I put my headset down 🙂

update 2
If anyone from Alcatel-Lucent is reading this, Bart H. I’m talking to you here, we really need an event when the tag is removed from the reader as well.. That would allow for much much cooler applications!



  1. So can you program your own interactions then? e.g. if my car keys have an RFID tag, can I then add a “car keys” event to tikitag? If so, that would be rather nice.

    Then you need to buy a bunch of RFID tags wholesale and start tagging everything you own!

  2. Ole,

    heard you loud and clear.

    The reader is able to and we are registering it in our client application. So we can build an action to the event.

    Ole, if I may, I cast the demand back to you … if you share with us some of your ideas on the Ideas section I am sure the delete event will pick up some priority points. Which will put it faster on our roadmap.

    Keep talking to us.

    Much appreciated.

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