Posted by: Ole | October 3, 2008

Clouding my music

All of my music are now being hurdled around the cloud automagically.

Everytime I purchase an album in iTunes, it’s stored in my Dropbox. Dropbox makes sure it’s synced to all of my connected machines. Once the files hits my main-machine, they are picked up by MP3Tunes that uploads the file to my account there. From MP3Tunes, the files can be directly accessed via my Squeezebox all around my apartment, and through MP3Tunes’ webinterface while I’m on the go.

In essence, I do not need to worry about handling of music. I purchase an album anywhere, and it’s accessible everywhere. Within minutes.



  1. Sounds good! How do you handle your vinyl?

  2. I have a big machine that can duplicate all of my vinyl-records of course. And then I messenger them around with some guys in big trucks. Horribly expensive, but well worth the reduced quality of sound that vinyl has to offer 🙂

  3. The right vinyl is way better than CD

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