Posted by: Ole | September 3, 2008

Life in the Cloud

I recently caved, and acquired a Macbook Air. Adding that to my desktop PC at work, and my Mini at home, I soon realized that stuff has to live in the cloud.. So here’s my solution:

  • My contacts are synced between my iPhone and my various other phones by ZYB.
  • My bookmarks are synced between my Firefoxes with FoxMarks.
  • My business calendar, and all of my mail, is pushed to my iPhone and computers by Exchange.
  • My private calendar is synced between my mac’s and my iPhone by MobileMe.
  • My various files are in MobileMe, and available on my PC’s and Mac’s.
  • My notes is synced between my computers and my iPhone by Evernote.
  • My music is shared from my server at home to all my computers and my iPhone by SimplifyMedia.
  • My photos are stored on Flickr.
  • My documents are on Google Docs.
All of it seamless without having to manually sync anything, and all of it available in the cloud, where-ever there’s a connection. Additionally, the addition of Google Chrome makes all of the web-apps behave more and more like native applications.
I love it!


  1. You’re just a node in The Matrix!

  2. Always moving forward, I like it.

  3. ZYB is the matrix!

    Life is all about the syncing…

    p.s. Word up Rico!

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