Posted by: Ole | November 19, 2007


Most of my spare time last week, was spent in the cinema’s of Copenhagen, in the cph:dox festival. I saw 6 different movies, and the theme seemed to focus on China, and other places of the world with somewhat different conditions than here in DK.

Umbrella, about the urbanization of China, symbolized by young people taking employment in factories or joining the army. The weekly personal reports of how your ideal’s are doing really inspires for future topics in our SCRUM meetings 🙂

Fengming – a Chinese memoir, was three hours of an old Chinese women talking about her experience during the cultural revolution. Really interesting, and nicely done like a fly on the wall, just shooting her chair for five minutes while waiting for her to come back from the toilet 🙂

Manufactured landscapes, about the landscapes we form by our every day life. Think piles of garbage, thousands of Chinese workers, mines and indeed, pollution. It can all be a very beautiful picture when it’s properly shot and framed..

Under the bombs, about a young woman traveling through Lebanon looking for her sister and son after the Israeli bombing in 2006.

Helvetica. One of the best dox I have ever seen. Told the story about the font Helvetica, and the effect it’s had on design and the world we live in. Once you’ve seen that, and I think everyone in this business should, you will see Helvetica being used everywhere. Was also fun to see 70 year old typographers being very nerdy about a font 🙂

Caracas – The informal city, about the city of Caracas where most of the inhabitants, like most of the world, live in buildings they built themselves, and about the problems and benefits that causes. Showed a whole new field, new architects should explore.

The festival also saw the brief re-opening, and probably permanent closing of one of the best cinemas in Copenhagen. Posthus Teatret, where the owner’s wife pour you a cop of coffee, before you take a seat in the cozy, small room to watch a movie that no other commercial cinema would ever dream of featuring. It has been open for more than 30 years, and now have to close because the owner of the building have sold the apartment upstairs, to a discotheque! It makes so much noise that you can hardly hear the movie, let alone enjoy it.. A real loss for the city of Copenhagen..


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