Posted by: Ole | September 14, 2007

ZYB finally got an iPhone

We finally managed to get an iPhone to Denmark, and although we are still waiting for the unlock, it’s still a little work of art. Hi-tech, brilliant, usefull art, that is.

I’ve already made a version of ZYB specifically for the iPhone, which I have written more about over on the official ZYB blog.



  1. When will Zyb work with Iphone? Really need it. Thanks.

  2. Good question.

    We want to do true syncronisation of the iPhone, but until a few days ago, the only option to do that, has been to require our users to hack their iPhone, and develop an app for that.

    While I support the guys making it possible to hack the iPhone with all my heart, I doubt we’ll get that many users that way.

    Last week things changed. Steve announced that they will open up the iPhone for third party applications in february 2008. When that happens, we will develop an app as fast as humanly possible.

    Until that happens, you’ll be able to sync your iPhone with Outlook using iTunes, and then sync your Outlook with our new Outlook plugin that we’re currently beta-testing, and that will be launched shortly.

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