Posted by: Ole | August 16, 2007


I had a package delivery due today. After waiting all day, I called the postal service which told me that the package had been delivered. Since I had not seen it, I asked them to mail me the signature that was used when signing for the package.

Armed with that, I ventured down the corridors of our office-building. There are perhaps 50 offices on the floor we are on, but since it was 6 pm, most people had gone home.

I found ONE open door on the entire floor. Went in, presented the signature to the guy inside, and asked him if he could recognize it.. “Yes, it’s mine” he said!

As it turned out, his co-worker, who was not in the office today, was also name Ole Kristensen, and when a package seemingly arrived for him, he of course accepted it, and signed for it.

He happily gave me the package right away, and I could call of the search at the postal service.

What are the odds?



  1. BSG!!!

  2. Actually, no, a very clever little gizmo which I’m sure to write more about once I have a moment..

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