Posted by: Ole | August 8, 2007

You gotta love Apple


The new iMac is out.. Which would you rather have on your desk?



  1. Why would you have a minitower on your desk? 😉

    Have you seen it with the wireless keyboard and mouse? NIiiiiiiice.

  2. That’s propaganda. They made an effort of making the Dell look clumsy with all the cords. There are probably like 10 cords there that have no purpose.

  3. You’re probably right, I would like to see an analysis of the cable-hell, but even without cables there’s a major difference 🙂

  4. you guys have never used an imac have you, there are a lot of cables on the dell because its showing that you have to add cables to have things like a web camera and microphone but with an imac its all built in.

    maybe one or two are not needed. and who can say that they dont have extra unnecessary cable sticking out of the back of you pc

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