Posted by: Ole | July 9, 2007

New version of ZYB in private beta!

ZYBThe moment has finally come! For months and months we have all been slaving away at the keyboard, whiteboard, notepad and what else we could use, to get the brand new version of ZYB ready.

The original version of ZYB was primarily focused on backing up contacts, calendars and messages from mobile phones to a secured location. We set out to solve this goal about a year ago, and we now feel we have perfected that to some extend. We support most of the phones out there, we have a huge user base and undoubtedly the most user-friendly interface in this space.

The new version of ZYB is all about bringing all of that data to life. We looked at our stats, and found that we had almost 8 million contacts in the system. We thought, hey, we should be able to activate those somehow. So we did.

The new ZYB is a social community, centered around your phone. Imagine signing up to a social network that already knows who you know, and are able to connect you with them instantly. No more starting from scratch, no more connecting to people on the other side of the world and calling them your “friends” because they have funny hair. No. This is your real friends. The ones you have on your mobile.

You will be able to share stuff from your mobile to your friends, tell everyone what you’re doing, or see which friends you and the people on your phone have in common.

We have worked long and hard to get this new version up and running, and can’t wait to release it to the world. For now however, we are launching it to our friends, and let them have at it. If all goes well, we shall be releasing it to the rest of the world shortly.

If you would like to help us out testing it, please drop me a line, and I’ll send you an invite.



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