Posted by: Ole | June 14, 2007

Ardbeg, Ardbeg and more Ardbeg

ArdbegYesterday I attended an Ardbeg tasting with my good colleague Rico. Set in a very warm room, we got a quick rundown of the history of Ardbeg, before diving into the good stuff.

We got around, and tasted the following whiskies

  • Ardbeg 1996, 40%, Connoisseurs Choice
  • Ardbeg Almost there, Distilled 1998 Bottled 2007, Non chill-filtered, 54,1 %, OB
  • Ardbeg TEN, 46%, OB
  • Ardbeg 1991, 15 år, cask #3059, 50%, Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask
  • Ardbeg 1990 Airigh Nam Beist, Non Chill-Filtered, 46%, OB
  • Ardbeg 1978, 43%, Connoisseurs Choice
  • Ardbeg 25 år, Oak Barrels, Non Chill-Filtered, 46%, OB
  • Ardbeg 1975 Douglas Laing Platinum

Most of them were very good, and we couldn’t help ourselves, so we had to buy home a couple of bottles. Personally, I bought the 1996, 40%, Connoisseurs Choice, which I will talk more about once I’ve had the chance to taste it on it’s own.

All in all a good arrangement. It was nice to experience the way different whiskies from the same distilleries share some features, but can be very distinct. Another interesting experience was to go back and forth between them, and see how they change after you’ve tasted others.



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