Posted by: Ole | June 10, 2007


Just got back from a weekend with my brother in Århus.

Went to a barber(!?) with a very interesting concept. Arrive at the gentleman’s club-styled room with wooden panels on the walls, and take a seat in the leather-sofa, while being served a nice cold beer, skimming through magazines with pretty women, while you wait for your barber. Once in the chair, the barber join you for a cold one, while he trims away. All in impeccable style! The pricing is interesting as well. You pay for a year, think it was 1600 kr, and then you can come back as often as you would like. Take a look at – and please someone.. Open something like this in Copenhagen!

Other keywords from the weekend:

Lagavulin 16, Highland Park 25, Macleod’s 8, Longmore, Arran, Oban, Aros, the harbour, good old Laphroaig, barbecue in the sun, Margueritten fish restaurant, Train, trains, Morten, Jacob and Daisy, The Cockney Pub, sun sun sun, sunglasses.


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