Posted by: Ole | March 9, 2009

Monitoring SVN and builds on OSX

Just having switched to mac, I needed a few tools to keep my eye on the development, and after some searching, I found these tools that does the trick.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything..

Posted by: Ole | February 24, 2009


Having just made the switch from PC to Mac, while changing position from developer to project manager, I found myself needing to set up my for a zero-bounce system.

I needed an overview of which emails I still needed to deal with, while never missing an important mail. This is my setup. Follow these instructions, and I promise you, you will be a happier person.

Set the ground rules
You need one, and only one, rule in your Every mail that comes in, needs to be flagged. Simple as that. We’ll get back to that later.

Install Widemail
Widemail allows you to show your mail in two columns. Having the list in one, and the chosen mail in the other. Widemail also lets you display stuff like sender and subject in the same field in the list, for maximum readability.

You can download Widemail here:
This is my configuration of Widemail. Use it if you want.


Once Widemail is set up, you need to rearrange your headers in Mail.

The way I have it, it’s Threads, Read/Unread, Widemail and Flags.

Tag your emails
Another tool I use, is Mailtags. Basically, once you go zero-bounce on your email, you’ll find yourself having reacted to an email, but knowing that you’ll need the info in it close by, you’ll leave in your inbox, thereby cluttering your view.

Mailtags allows you to tag emails with tags that you can later find using a Smart Folder. Every time you have a mail you’ll need later, but doesn’t need a reaction,  assign it a tag. I use “ref”, but you can use whatever you want.

You can download Mailtags here:, and use this configuration if you want:


Smart folders
Forget your Inbox. That’s where mails go to die. In your day to day work, you’ll be using Smart Folders. These are the ones you’ll need:

Set this to show all mails with a flag. This will be your basis-folder.

Set this to show all mails, regardless of flags, received today. This will give you a good overview, in case you’re too quick to unflag an email.

This Month
Same deal, just for the month

This is the folder you set up to show all mails tagged with “ref”, or whatever you chose.

Sometimes you get a ton of mails, all revolving around the same subject. For that, you’ll need to group them into threads.

  1. Right click your toolbar, and select Customize Toolbar
  2. Drag this set of buttons onto it:picture-6

Now you can enable Threads, which will collapse all related messages into conversations, allowing you to focus on them as one group.

Day to day, you really don’t want to be using your mouse. You need to familiarize yourself with’s keyboard shortcuts, and even create some of your own. These are the ones I use religiously:

Flag/unflag a mail.

Show/hide the Mailboxes column.

Add sender to address book.

Quick look the messages attachments


Reply to all



Refresh your Smart Folder. This is a custom one that you need to set up in Keyboard & Mouse settings. Just create a new shortcut for Mail, to point to the “Rebuild” menu-item.

When you have all this set up, you’ll be ready to go zero-bounce. Every time you get an email, it will appear in your Incoming folder. From there, you can react to it. If it does no longer need an immediate action from you, unflag it and refresh your Smart Folder. The mail will no longer be cluttering your inbox, our your mind.

In short. You get a new mail, and open it. You CMD-Y to review the attachment. CMD-R to reply. SHIFT-CMD-D to send your answer. SHIFT-CMD-L to unflag the mail. SHIFT-CMD-E to refresh your Smart Folder. And it’s gone.

If you think you’re going to need the mail later on, assign a tag to it, and then unflag it. It will always be available in your Reference Smart Folder. That gives you peace of mind, and the guts to remove mails that you don’t need right now, but are afraid will get lost in the masses of your actual Inbox.

Give it a spin. I promise you’ll be happier.

Posted by: Ole | November 11, 2008

Tikitag + Spotify = magic

Just made a quick proof of concept implementation of an idea I’ve had for a while now..

Put Tikitag‘s into all your old CD’s. Link the tag to the album in Spotify. Place a Tikitag reader under your table, and enjoy the magic as the music from the CD starts playing automatically, when you place it on the table 🙂

Next up: DVD’s!

Posted by: Ole | November 4, 2008

Manuals is the site you don’t know you need until you really need it. And when you really need it, it’s awesome!

We all know that the first thing you do when you get new hardware, is throw away the manual. Right. On you can get them back as PDF whenever you’re crying in desperation at 4 in the morning trying to figure out the right configuration of those pesky little dipswitches on your printer, or something like that.

Posted by: Ole | October 8, 2008

Tikitagging everything

I just got a Tikitag starter kit. It’s basically a little usb-device that can read RFID tags, and react to them. Right out of the box, it’s able to open webpages and call people on Skype when a tag is near the reader.

I placed my reader on the underneath of my desk, and so I just have an invisible hot-zone on my desk. If I put my wallet down, my online bank opens. If I put my Moleskine there, my Evernote opens up, and a souvenir from a vacation, opens up that album in Flickr.

The idea is brilliant, but I really need more.. I need it to be completely aware of everything I put on my desk, no matter where I put it. I need it to unlock my computer when I throw my keys on the desk, and lock it again when I pick them up again. I need it to open my online bank when I pick up my authentication-device, and log out again when I put it back in it’s place. I need iTunes to start playing when I pick up my headset, and pause again when I put it back down. And that’s just my desk – I need it everywhere I go!

Think about how many things in your day that are tied to your handling of physical objects… We’ve only seen the start of this…

My iTunes now pauses when I put my headset down 🙂

update 2
If anyone from Alcatel-Lucent is reading this, Bart H. I’m talking to you here, we really need an event when the tag is removed from the reader as well.. That would allow for much much cooler applications!

Posted by: Ole | October 3, 2008

Clouding my music

All of my music are now being hurdled around the cloud automagically.

Everytime I purchase an album in iTunes, it’s stored in my Dropbox. Dropbox makes sure it’s synced to all of my connected machines. Once the files hits my main-machine, they are picked up by MP3Tunes that uploads the file to my account there. From MP3Tunes, the files can be directly accessed via my Squeezebox all around my apartment, and through MP3Tunes’ webinterface while I’m on the go.

In essence, I do not need to worry about handling of music. I purchase an album anywhere, and it’s accessible everywhere. Within minutes.

Posted by: Ole | September 3, 2008

Life in the Cloud

I recently caved, and acquired a Macbook Air. Adding that to my desktop PC at work, and my Mini at home, I soon realized that stuff has to live in the cloud.. So here’s my solution:

  • My contacts are synced between my iPhone and my various other phones by ZYB.
  • My bookmarks are synced between my Firefoxes with FoxMarks.
  • My business calendar, and all of my mail, is pushed to my iPhone and computers by Exchange.
  • My private calendar is synced between my mac’s and my iPhone by MobileMe.
  • My various files are in MobileMe, and available on my PC’s and Mac’s.
  • My notes is synced between my computers and my iPhone by Evernote.
  • My music is shared from my server at home to all my computers and my iPhone by SimplifyMedia.
  • My photos are stored on Flickr.
  • My documents are on Google Docs.
All of it seamless without having to manually sync anything, and all of it available in the cloud, where-ever there’s a connection. Additionally, the addition of Google Chrome makes all of the web-apps behave more and more like native applications.
I love it!
Posted by: Ole | August 28, 2008

Font Conference

Posted by: Ole | August 1, 2008


Running with a magic-theme on the blog today, I just want to spread the word of another cool app I just installed.

Two computers on the same desk – constantly grabbing the wrong mouse or keyboard.

Synergy! You install a little app on both machines and suddenly, as if by magic, you can move your mouse from one computer to the other, just by moving it off the edge of one screen, and on to the next.

Simply brilliant.. Check it out on

Posted by: Ole | August 1, 2008

Simplify iPhone

SimplifyMedia just launched their awesome client for the iPhone as a private beta. I was fortunate enough to get in on the testing, and have been using it for a few days. Let me just say this – it is very cool!

I now feel a little stupid for buying the 16 gig iPhone, because I will never need the space. All the music I have at home is now seamlessly streamed to my iPhone, wherever I am. Even when out of Wifi-range, it works perfectly on 3G.

This is a dream I’ve had for many years, finally coming true. Why on earth do I need to shuffle my mp3-files around to different devices and computers, having the hassle of keeping it all up to date, and pay a fortune in extra disk space for it, when it can all just live in the cloud, and be accessible from everywhere.

When you see this popping up in the App Store – get it! And if you don’t have an iPhone yet, this is a very good reason to get one.

Posted by: Ole | May 18, 2008

Part of Vodafone. Nothing changes.

It’s been a crazy few years, and an even crazier weekend. ZYB was acquired by Vodafone on Friday, and we have been celebrating all weekend. Monday it’s back to work. Back to work on the same ideas, the same projects, and with the same great team. Because that’s really why Vodafone bought us.

Vodafone saw a great team, working on some great concepts and developing some very cool services – and we’ll continue to do so. Only now, with a lot more firepower!

I am so happy. We’ve come so incredibly far in such a short time because of the great team we’ve managed to pull together. Everyone have been working hard and been very dedicated to produce something great, and Fridays acquisition was the pad on the back we all deserved.

A big THANK YOU to all the people, past and presently, working to make ZYB the coolest website/client/workplace/company in the world 🙂

Posted by: Ole | May 14, 2008

Video interview about semantic web

Mads Kristensen, my colleague at ZYB, and I just did an interview with the danish Microsoft Developer Evangelist Daniel Frost about the semantic web, and how we use it here at ZYB.

Check out the video here

Note, it’s in danish. If you can’t understand us, you can just lean back and enjoy how beautiful we are 🙂

Posted by: Ole | May 14, 2008

Security in the real world

While we in the tech-world always have to think about security in everything we do, it’s a little different in the offline world…

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Posted by: Ole | May 12, 2008

Sweet XP music

Beautiful music created using only those normally irritating sounds from XP

Posted by: Ole | April 30, 2008

Macbook Air vs Thinkpad X300

As much as I love Apple.. This video has a point 🙂

Posted by: Ole | March 29, 2008

Defenestrating my TV

512-front-row-leopard.pngSince I first found out I could hook up a computer to a TV, I’ve dabbled at setting up a mediacenter system, with varying results. My living room has hosted everything from servers over workstations to laptop pc’s. Finally, I’ve arrived at something I think is a good and viable solution. Using a Mac Mini as a mediacenter!

As much as I love macs, it does sometimes feel like you’re not really wanted, and that you can’t really do all that you want. Therefore I’ve assembled this little list of stuff I’ve come across, and how I’ve set up my system in general.

My criteria for a system like this, was the following:

  • It has to be silent. Not just quiet, but totally silent.
  • It has to look good.
  • It has to be as compact as possible.
  • Everyone should be able to use it.
  • It needs to handle all of my media seamlessly.

I, of course, have a Mac Mini. I opted for the big one, because of the extra space, and the SuperDrive allowing me to burn DVD’s if need be.

Even with the extra space, the 110 GB is simply not enough for hosting all of your media, so I went out and bought two Western Digital Passport USB drives, of 320 GB each. One for movies, and one for TV shows. They are pretty cheap, and the advantage of this approach, is that they do not need their own power-supply, they make virtually no sound, and they can easily be disconnected, if you need to move some files around.

I use my good old iPod 60 GB for music. It’s hooked up in a dock, and contains all of my music, and iTunes is able to play the music directly from it. The bonus here, is that I can always just grab the iPod out of it’s dock, and put it in some portable speakers, for music everywhere.

Lastly, I use Apple’s wireless keyboard, Remote, MightyMouse and iPhone for control of the whole thing.

As I mentioned, when using Apple software, you sometimes feel a bit unwelcome. FrontRow only likes stuff from iTunes. iTunes only likes stuff from the iTunes Music Store, and so on. These are the app’s I’m currently using to keep everything running smoothly.

FrontRow – Apple’s take on a mediacenter interface, and basically all you’ll get, if you buy an AppleTV (don’t do that). It handles DVD’s, music, TV Shows, movies and podcast nicely. The interface is beautiful, and everyone can work it.

iTunes – When using Apple and especially FrontRow, iTunes is a necessary evil. It’s good for music, and it works OK for the rest of it.

Perian – By default, Quicktime and iTunes cannot play that many formats, and certainly not DivX, Xvid and such. Installing Perian will make QuickTime play nice with most formats, and since both iTunes and FrontRow uses Quicktime, that’s needed.

VideoDrive – Adding movies and TV shows to iTunes can be a bit of a hassle. VideoDrive will handle all of it for you. You basically just point it to your media folders and it will find all of your stuff, look it up online for covers and such, and add it to iTunes. Thereby making it appear in FrontRow. It’s a brilliant little app, and the guys behind it is very helpful, should you have any questions.

HandBrake – If you have DVD’s that you want to add to your digital collection, HandBrake will do it for you. It’s very very easy to use, and it will rip a DVD in about an hour.

Touchpad Pro – I’ve you own a jailbreaked iPhone, Touchpad Pro will allow you to use your iPhone as a touchpad for your mac. It can also mimic the remote of the mac, so you can control everything, even without line-of-sight.

VineVNC – Touchpad Pro runs on VNC but Apple’s built in VNC server is a bit buggy, and sometimes runs amok with your CPU cycles. Luckily there are alternatives. VineVNC is free, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Simplify Media – I’ve written about this before, but it really kicks ass. It allows me to play the music from my mac at home, on my PC when I’m at work. You log in, and it creates shared libraries in iTunes, and you can play away. You are really struck by how simple something like this can actually be.

Shareipod – Because I have my music on my iPod, and iTunes doesn’t give the same options to music on an iPod as it does with music in it’s native library, you need to add the music on the iPod to the iTunes main library. This script will do that for you.

Here’s where it gets tricky. The following two app’s are in the shadowzone of legality, so you should of course only use them for stuff you legally can download. (There, I said it – let’s get on with it)

TV Shows – TV Shows is a little app that will search different networks for you, and automatically download the latest episode of any show, as soon as it becomes available. You simply select the show you want to follow, and it will magically appear in your incoming-folder as soon as it’s ready for download.

Transmission – Transmission is the goto app for downloading from BitTorrent networks. It’s clean and simple, and it always works.

Given all this, I am still not completely satisfied with the setup. The way FrontRow handles seasons in TV Shows is simply stupid, and it does not show subtitles from external files, but I have faith that it will get better in future releases of the software. I still need to add the possibility to record TV and timeshift it. I have seen examples of this done using Elgato, so that may be a topic of a future post. I will continue to update my system, and add experiences here as I go along.


There’s a very good post over at hicksdesign about using EyeTV with the Mac Mini, and using a Mac Mini as a mediacenter in general.

Posted by: Ole | March 27, 2008

Time flies like an arrow…

…fruit flies like a stale blog.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve written anything in here!

When a lot of things happen, and you don’t blog about it, it becomes self-reinforcing.. “If I didn’t blog about that, why should I blog about this”, and so on.

This post will hopefully serve as an unclogger for my blogging, and get me back on track.

See you soon!

Posted by: Ole | November 19, 2007


Most of my spare time last week, was spent in the cinema’s of Copenhagen, in the cph:dox festival. I saw 6 different movies, and the theme seemed to focus on China, and other places of the world with somewhat different conditions than here in DK.

Umbrella, about the urbanization of China, symbolized by young people taking employment in factories or joining the army. The weekly personal reports of how your ideal’s are doing really inspires for future topics in our SCRUM meetings 🙂

Fengming – a Chinese memoir, was three hours of an old Chinese women talking about her experience during the cultural revolution. Really interesting, and nicely done like a fly on the wall, just shooting her chair for five minutes while waiting for her to come back from the toilet 🙂

Manufactured landscapes, about the landscapes we form by our every day life. Think piles of garbage, thousands of Chinese workers, mines and indeed, pollution. It can all be a very beautiful picture when it’s properly shot and framed..

Under the bombs, about a young woman traveling through Lebanon looking for her sister and son after the Israeli bombing in 2006.

Helvetica. One of the best dox I have ever seen. Told the story about the font Helvetica, and the effect it’s had on design and the world we live in. Once you’ve seen that, and I think everyone in this business should, you will see Helvetica being used everywhere. Was also fun to see 70 year old typographers being very nerdy about a font 🙂

Caracas – The informal city, about the city of Caracas where most of the inhabitants, like most of the world, live in buildings they built themselves, and about the problems and benefits that causes. Showed a whole new field, new architects should explore.

The festival also saw the brief re-opening, and probably permanent closing of one of the best cinemas in Copenhagen. Posthus Teatret, where the owner’s wife pour you a cop of coffee, before you take a seat in the cozy, small room to watch a movie that no other commercial cinema would ever dream of featuring. It has been open for more than 30 years, and now have to close because the owner of the building have sold the apartment upstairs, to a discotheque! It makes so much noise that you can hardly hear the movie, let alone enjoy it.. A real loss for the city of Copenhagen..

Posted by: Ole | November 16, 2007

Unread iPhone mails

Not sure I wanna get all my unread messages 🙂


Posted by: Ole | November 16, 2007

The life of a frontender


So true… Thanks to whoever created this 🙂

Posted by: Ole | November 15, 2007

Geek dinner in CPH

Attended a nice dinner yesterday with some like-minded geeks arranged by Mads Kristensen. Was very cool to see old friends again, and meet some interesting people as well!

Posted by: Ole | October 1, 2007


FOWAJacob, Runar and myself will be representing ZYB at this years FOWA in London.

I went there last year, and it was an interesting lineup of the web’s a-crowd.

Connect on ZYB,, if you wanna hook up!

Posted by: Ole | September 30, 2007

iPhone SMS trouble

Having had an iPhone for some time now, one thing in particular is really starting to irritate me.

Whenever I receive am SMS with an alphanumeric sender address, my iPhone’s SMS-app crashes, and I am unable to read any of my messages.

The only way to solve it, is to go in with iBrickr, download the sms.db file from the iPhone that contains the messages, open it using SqLite and delete the message with alphanumeric sender.

What really sucks, is that a lot of telco’s in europe uses alphanumeric senders, and so do we at ZYB. We therefore decided to investigate it a bit and found that the handling of these senders are definitely screwed up in the iPhone. Here’s our findings:

Sending an SMS with “ZYB” as sender; The app crashes.

Sending an SMS with “zyb” as sender; The messages never appears.

Sending an SMS with “ole” as sender; The message appears, but is from “ov”.

Sending an SMS with “abc” as sender; The message never appears.

Also, it’s interesting to notice, that if we send a message to the iPhone, and declare the TON, type of number, to be alphanumeric, but set it to be a mobile number, the iPhone looks the number up in the address book, and writes the name it found. Something it should not do for an alphanumeric sender, and maybe something that could lead to an explanation.

I can only hope that this “little” bug is resolved asap by the guys at Apple. Until then, we at ZYB will stop sending messages with alphanumeric senders to US numbers…

Posted by: Ole | September 28, 2007

Domain trouble

My good old domain now points to a nice landing page with an american registrar, thanks to an error with the renewal process… Email is down as well, so in order to contact me, please find my contact details on

The domain has been salvaged, and things are slowly returning to normal.. pheew!

Posted by: Ole | September 14, 2007

ZYB finally got an iPhone

We finally managed to get an iPhone to Denmark, and although we are still waiting for the unlock, it’s still a little work of art. Hi-tech, brilliant, usefull art, that is.

I’ve already made a version of ZYB specifically for the iPhone, which I have written more about over on the official ZYB blog.

Posted by: Ole | August 24, 2007

About Denmark has the real story about Denmark! Check out some of these interesting facts 🙂

Danmark, also known as Legoland or Wulffland, is the smallest and most inconspicuous part of the kingdom of the Faroe Islands.

In Denmark it is recommended by the Ministry of Health to drink a minimum of 21 pints of beer a week for men, and 14 for women.

The Danish Parliament building is made of Lego bricks, through 25 years of extra Lego tax.

The beautiful women of Denmark are known all over the world and are said to be produced in a factory located in Svendborg, a small town in southern Funen. It is also known that at the end of summer, the women all return to the factory to be recycled leaving only the less-fortunate women.

Read more here:

Posted by: Ole | August 21, 2007


As previously posted here on my own blog, and over on the official ZYB blog, we have been working very hard the last months to launch the new version of ZYB.

The new version is all about showing you your network. It’s not a new social network – you already have one of those in real life. We’re just displaying it online, and allowing you to interact with it in new ways.

Techcrunch picked up on the story today, and we’re already feeling the heat..

I’ll be following up on the progress here, and try to give some insight into the life at ZYB. I, of course, also have a profile at ZYB 🙂

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I had a package delivery due today. After waiting all day, I called the postal service which told me that the package had been delivered. Since I had not seen it, I asked them to mail me the signature that was used when signing for the package.

Armed with that, I ventured down the corridors of our office-building. There are perhaps 50 offices on the floor we are on, but since it was 6 pm, most people had gone home.

I found ONE open door on the entire floor. Went in, presented the signature to the guy inside, and asked him if he could recognize it.. “Yes, it’s mine” he said!

As it turned out, his co-worker, who was not in the office today, was also name Ole Kristensen, and when a package seemingly arrived for him, he of course accepted it, and signed for it.

He happily gave me the package right away, and I could call of the search at the postal service.

What are the odds?

Posted by: Ole | August 10, 2007

Shrimp workout

Even shrimps can be in need of some exercise

Posted by: Ole | August 8, 2007

Worst adaptation ever!

The Simpsons Sellout
Right.. Now I have been a long time Simpsons fan. One of my favorite passtimes is to just put on the collected episodes and watch them again and again. So obviously enough, I had great expectations when I heard the Simpsons Movie would finally come out. I had some concerns as well, but after having seen the trailers, I was confident that this would be the movie of the year.. It was not..

First of all, I feel like I’ve seen it before. All the trailers released before the movie actually contained most, if not all, of the jokes and funny parts. I was warned about this, especially by my girlfriend, but I trusted that the producers had carefully selected only a small subset of the good stuff.. This was not the case.

I saw the warning signs before the movie came out. The naming of the “real” Springfield. The massive focusing on doughnuts in the ads for the film. Granted, Homer likes his doughnuts, but it was obviously used in the advertising because it gave people without knowledge of the family a hook, and something to relate to.. I mean, Homer likes pork-chops or Duff just as much, why not focus on that?

I saw the signs but kept convincing myself that this would be a good movie. One that was made by the artists behind the series, and not the guys holding the money. Obviously, that was being naive.

On to a few more to-the-point points about the film. I must warn you all here.. This will contain spoilers, so don’t read it unless you’ve seen the film, or don’t plan to.

The style
It was promised that the drawing in the movie would be true to the style of the series. It was not. There were numerous examples of heavily computer animated scenes, and the style in general was more polished and 3D than the series. Of course, it wasn’t full fledged 3D animation, or god forbid, actual actors, but I still think it was a bit too polished.

The cast
The Simpsons have traditionally been centered around the family, but with a lot of stories focusing on the other inhabitants of Springfield. The movie featured most of the characters, yes, but as an angry mob. Outside of the first 20 minutes, very few had a line. I would have liked seeing/hearing more of them.

The jokes
Every time a joke or plot-twist were done, you could trace back in the movie to where they set it up. For instance, when Marge goes back into the flaming house to retrieve their wedding tape, it is only because they need it for the sentimental part in the cabin in Alaska. I realize this is how most movies are done, but I just think it could be more subtle. Other examples of this is the sink-hole and the Ball of Death.

Obvious jokes mostly funny for old-time fans is left out. When the dome is smashed, and the glass is raining down on the town, you actually see Lenny look up into the rain of glass. I was already laughing at the line I thought would follow.. “My eye! I’m not supposed to get dome in it!”. It didn’t. Instead, they cut to a shot of doctor Nick lying under a big piece of glass, saying “Goodbye everybody” as he died.. Probably a more known catchphrase..

The trailers
One thing is that they showed WAY to much in the trailers. I really had a feeling I had seen the movie before. All the jokes, most of the plot-twists, and the entire story was more or less layed out before the movie was out.

The first scene of the movie features an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon in which Itchy as president of the USA, launches a series of missiles against Scratchy on the moon. I have a strong suspicion that that cartoon was placed there, and made the way it was, to be able to show missiles launching in the trailers.

In one of the trailers you see Marge say to Homer, “You doomed us all!”, and then they cut to the missiles launching. That, coupled with the fact that Springfield in an old episode is revealed as being NWB, Nuclear Whipping Boy, and would be the bullseye for all friendly nations to calibrate their missiles on in case of nuclear war, really catches your interest. Completely bogus of course.

The sellout
Apart from revealing where Springfield is actually located, one of the longest standing jokes in the series, the movie also feature the first word of Maggie.. What is it? Announcing a sequel!

The plot
The plot altogether was incoherent. You had the obvious environmental focus that a movie of this sort cannot live without these days. Fair enough, that opened up for some funny parts. But then you had the by-stories of Lisas relationship with Colin, which by the way is very similar to the one she had in “Lisa the Treehugger”, but that’s another story. On top of that, you had Barts relationship with Flanders which could have been an episode in it’s own right, but in the movie it just felt out of place.

The first 20 minutes of the movie was good. The few lines by people outside of the family was placed here, and the tempo was high while they built the story. After that, it kind of lost its breath. Interestingly, 20 minutes is about the length of a standard episode..

In general it was an okay movie. I laughed a lot, but unfortunately, most of my laughs were of the trailers, and not when I actually saw the movie.

I think it would be extremely difficult to make a film like this that sums up 20 years of gathered expectations. You have the public appeal to consider, plus a huge fanbase who, maybe like me, are being overly critical.

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You gotta love Apple


The new iMac is out.. Which would you rather have on your desk?

Posted by: Ole | August 4, 2007

Dinner at Brewpub

Having a beer and dinner with Rico in the garden of Brewpub in Copenhagen..

Posted by: Ole | July 30, 2007

New ZYB, going live!

Right now we are all working hard to get the new version of ZYB up and running, and I can’t wait to show you all what we have been doing for the last couple of months 🙂

Posted by: Ole | July 24, 2007


Anyone working on more than one machine will know the pain of listening to one’s music collection in a simple fashion, without having to drag the entire thing around on USB-discs of even an iPod.

Enter, SimplifyMedia! It took me about a minute to set it up on my home machine and on my laptop, and I now have access to all the music from the machine at home, as a shared library in my iTunes on my laptop.


Check it out at

Posted by: Ole | July 23, 2007

The Internet crash of 2007

“… we deeply regret that a backup of the internet does not exist at this time. ”
“… we had always meant to get around to making one.”

Posted by: Ole | July 18, 2007

Simpsons movie / Stupid americans

Just found the release-dates for the new Simpsons movie on IMDB..

USA (Springfield, Vermont), 21 July 2007
France, 25 July 2007
Denmark, 3 August 2007 (Annoyed grunt!)
Hong Kong, 9 August 2007
Netherlands, 16 August 2007
Italy, 14 September 2007
Japan, 1 March 2008

Now, I understand why the first premiere in Vermont is a couple of days before the rest of the world, seeing that they were picked the true Springfield of the series.

But why on earth you choose to spread openings in the rest of the world out over a period of almost 8 months, I cannot understand. Something like the Simpsons have a huge fanbase all over the world, and making people outside of the states wait for the premiere, is just bad style.

Another aspect, that should speak to the businesspeople behind the Simpsons, is that doing it like this, you’re not only opening up for piracy, you are practically begging for it..

USA (Springfield, Vermont), 21 July 2007
Belgium, 25 July 2007
Egypt, 25 July 2007
France, 25 July 2007
Indonesia, 25 July 2007
Philippines, 25 July 2007
Argentina, 26 July 2007
Australia, 26 July 2007
Croatia, 26 July 2007
Germany, 26 July 2007
Israel, 26 July 2007
Malaysia, 26 July 2007
New Zealand, 26 July 2007
Serbia, 26 July 2007
Singapore, 26 July 2007
Slovakia, 26 July 2007
Slovenia, 26 July 2007
Austria, 27 July 2007
Canada, 27 July 2007
Colombia, 27 July 2007
Estonia, 27 July 2007
Finland, 27 July 2007
Iceland, 27 July 2007
Ireland, 27 July 2007
Mexico, 27 July 2007
Norway, 27 July 2007
Spain, 27 July 2007
Sweden, 27 July 2007
UK, 27 July 2007
USA, 27 July 2007
Venezuela, 27 July 2007
Denmark, 3 August 2007
Poland, 3 August 2007
Hong Kong, 9 August 2007
Hungary, 9 August 2007
South Korea, 9 August 2007
Netherlands, 16 August 2007
Russia, 16 August 2007
Brazil, 17 August 2007
Greece, 30 August 2007
Italy, 14 September 2007
Japan, 1 March 2008

Posted by: Ole | July 9, 2007

New version of ZYB in private beta!

ZYBThe moment has finally come! For months and months we have all been slaving away at the keyboard, whiteboard, notepad and what else we could use, to get the brand new version of ZYB ready.

The original version of ZYB was primarily focused on backing up contacts, calendars and messages from mobile phones to a secured location. We set out to solve this goal about a year ago, and we now feel we have perfected that to some extend. We support most of the phones out there, we have a huge user base and undoubtedly the most user-friendly interface in this space.

The new version of ZYB is all about bringing all of that data to life. We looked at our stats, and found that we had almost 8 million contacts in the system. We thought, hey, we should be able to activate those somehow. So we did.

The new ZYB is a social community, centered around your phone. Imagine signing up to a social network that already knows who you know, and are able to connect you with them instantly. No more starting from scratch, no more connecting to people on the other side of the world and calling them your “friends” because they have funny hair. No. This is your real friends. The ones you have on your mobile.

You will be able to share stuff from your mobile to your friends, tell everyone what you’re doing, or see which friends you and the people on your phone have in common.

We have worked long and hard to get this new version up and running, and can’t wait to release it to the world. For now however, we are launching it to our friends, and let them have at it. If all goes well, we shall be releasing it to the rest of the world shortly.

If you would like to help us out testing it, please drop me a line, and I’ll send you an invite.

Posted by: Ole | June 29, 2007

Word of the day: Sgriob


(Gaelic) the itchiness that comes upon the upper lip just before taking a sip of whisky

Posted by: Ole | June 26, 2007

Yes! Oh yes!

The new Simpsons trailer is out.. This should be good!

… Look oooout! Here is the spider pig!

Posted by: Ole | June 20, 2007

News on the shelf

SpringbankToday saw the addition of two new whiskies to my wee collection. The first Campbeltown, and the first blended whisky made their way in.

The Campbeltown is the Springbank 10 year old. A very spicy scotch with a lot of flavour.

The blended whisky is an Old Orkney “00” apparently with some very good whiskies from Highland Park. It’s based on an old recipe from Gordon & MacPhail, who’s also responsible for the Connoisseurs Choice Ardbeg I bought previously. I have yet to try this one.

Posted by: Ole | June 14, 2007

Ardbeg, Ardbeg and more Ardbeg

ArdbegYesterday I attended an Ardbeg tasting with my good colleague Rico. Set in a very warm room, we got a quick rundown of the history of Ardbeg, before diving into the good stuff.

We got around, and tasted the following whiskies

  • Ardbeg 1996, 40%, Connoisseurs Choice
  • Ardbeg Almost there, Distilled 1998 Bottled 2007, Non chill-filtered, 54,1 %, OB
  • Ardbeg TEN, 46%, OB
  • Ardbeg 1991, 15 år, cask #3059, 50%, Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask
  • Ardbeg 1990 Airigh Nam Beist, Non Chill-Filtered, 46%, OB
  • Ardbeg 1978, 43%, Connoisseurs Choice
  • Ardbeg 25 år, Oak Barrels, Non Chill-Filtered, 46%, OB
  • Ardbeg 1975 Douglas Laing Platinum

Most of them were very good, and we couldn’t help ourselves, so we had to buy home a couple of bottles. Personally, I bought the 1996, 40%, Connoisseurs Choice, which I will talk more about once I’ve had the chance to taste it on it’s own.

All in all a good arrangement. It was nice to experience the way different whiskies from the same distilleries share some features, but can be very distinct. Another interesting experience was to go back and forth between them, and see how they change after you’ve tasted others.


Posted by: Ole | June 14, 2007


hehkuvaThis is fascinating and very hypnotic!

Posted by: Ole | June 13, 2007

Tesco is coming to Denmark!

This is hilarious 🙂

Posted by: Ole | June 12, 2007

The clouds are coming!

CloudsHave never been so glad to see rain and clouds on the forecast..

We are massively busy, and 31 degrees just dosn’t do much for the concentration 🙂

Posted by: Ole | June 12, 2007

Highland Park 10

Had a chance to taste the newly acquired whisky yesterday, and I was very impressed.

Very warm when it first hits the mouth, and with a distinct taste of salt. You can really imagine the sea of the coast of the Orkney’s pushing salty water into the cellars where these casks were stored.

Being the strength it is, it opens up quite a bit with a few drops of water, but does very well on it’s own.

Think it’s safe to call this one a winter-malt, but let’s just see if it lasts that long 🙂

Posted by: Ole | June 11, 2007

New whisky on the blog

Highland ParkMy colleague Jacob came home from Paris today with a very special import.

A unique bottling of the Highland Park 10 year old – cask strength, on a whopping 63,9%. Can’t wait to bring it home and have a taste.. If it’s anything like the other Highland Park’s I’ve tasted, it’s going to be very good!

Stay tuned for updates!

Posted by: Ole | June 11, 2007

It’s hot!

So unbelievably hot in the office today.. Actually hoping for some bad weather the next couple of days so we’ll have a chance to concentrate…

(P.S. I know the heat here in Copenhagen is nothing compared to what our brave colleagues working in Islamabad have to deal with, but we’re not used to it!! 🙂 )

Posted by: Ole | June 10, 2007


Just got back from a weekend with my brother in Århus.

Went to a barber(!?) with a very interesting concept. Arrive at the gentleman’s club-styled room with wooden panels on the walls, and take a seat in the leather-sofa, while being served a nice cold beer, skimming through magazines with pretty women, while you wait for your barber. Once in the chair, the barber join you for a cold one, while he trims away. All in impeccable style! The pricing is interesting as well. You pay for a year, think it was 1600 kr, and then you can come back as often as you would like. Take a look at – and please someone.. Open something like this in Copenhagen!

Other keywords from the weekend:

Lagavulin 16, Highland Park 25, Macleod’s 8, Longmore, Arran, Oban, Aros, the harbour, good old Laphroaig, barbecue in the sun, Margueritten fish restaurant, Train, trains, Morten, Jacob and Daisy, The Cockney Pub, sun sun sun, sunglasses.

Posted by: Ole | June 8, 2007

Online. Everywhere.

Currently on a fast train going across the country, and still manage to be online with 3,6 mbps thanks to 3.

Posted by: Ole | June 7, 2007

On the cover of the.. Iværksætteren!

ZYB on the cover of the Iværksætter

Tommy and I are on the cover of the danish magazine Iværksætteren (The Entrepreneur) for a story on how ZYB came to be, and with some advice to other startups. Excellent article, although the photographer seemed to be on acid..

(would like to post the scans of the pages here, but don’t think the magazine would like that, so you’ll have to come by to see it, or make do with the cover 🙂 )

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